Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hippies and Gypsies: Oh what a simple life...

Playmobil Camper Van

My Husband and I have talked about packing up the kids and head out into the beautiful world of travel and basically living by working at state parks and such instead of always having bills and problems. We have talked very briefly on the subject, partly because I can't stand the idea of my kids growing up without their grandparents, aunts and uncles around all the time. Being a military brat, that was the life we had, it was an awesome experience but I missed getting to grow up with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins close by.
 Hubby found a video on Facebook that was stating that we shouldn't work just to make the dollar but to work and do what makes us happy. The question purposed was "if money didn't matter...". I know we are constantly stressed out with making it paycheck to paycheck. Every week..month..never seeming to get better. Always saying, "if we could just afford this or that , or wouldn't it be nice to just do this or that." I'm so tired of just dreaming up these ideas and making plans but always held back by the price of things. Wouldn't it be nice to just up and leave? Live like gypsies. Seeing historic places and objects, teaching our children the true meaning of happiness. Helping them to understand that money does not bring happiness, only hardship and complex adult decisions. Teaching them the meaning of true pleasure and happiness. I feel as though my generation was always taught the meaning to happiness was the kind of success we may have with the future careers we choose to embark upon and our so-called success was based upon how much money we could make.
I'm so tired of hating payday and knowing that no matter how much my hardworking husband earns, it will never be "enough". I don't want our lives to always be determined by how much money we may or may not have, but to be determined on how loving and supportive we are with our little family and the amazing experiences and memories we make and provide for them to carry on to their own families someday.

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